What is a rebooter?Edit

A rebooter consists of 2 kernels.

The first kernel is exploitable. When this kernel boots, it is possible to send commands over the jtag-interface, allowing to take the control over the xbox 360. After this is done the xbox reboots into the second kernal, this beeing the newest to be able to play the latest games. Becuase of this it will take a few seconds longer untill the dashboard appears.

They usually make use of virtual efuses, so they'll boot, even if your actual efuse count doesn't match the expected. Both rebooters use the same patch engine, so it's easier to share updates.

List of RebootersEdit

  • FreeBoot
    • first rebooter available
    • supports any attached sata harddisk
    • run unsigned xex and debug xex (needs to be decrypted first, though)
    • supports Cygnos v1 and v2
    • supports xD Card Modification
  • XBReboot
    • same basic features as FreeBoot
    • single NAND solution (no cygnos / xd mod needed)
    • launch pirs containers
    • does not require xex patching to run from any media

The build process for freeboot is quite complex, you need to extract various various files and create the final image with a python script.

For now, XBReboot remains the easier solution.

Both rebooters need a valid keyvault.bin and (your better of with it) your own config.bin in order to run. They can be extracted

from your original dump and inserted again into the rebooter image with nandpro 2.0d.