SNES360 is a SNES emulator for the XBox360. Although in a beta stage, it runs quite good.


  • Graphics/Sound
  • Achievements (don't be a dumbass and use this on live, your console will be banned)
  • XUI user interface
  • SRAM save support linked to a user profile
  • Filters : Simple2x, Scanlines, TV Mode, Super Eagle, Super 2xSAI, HQ2x
  • Turbo Mode (Right Trigger)
  • Aspect Ratio/Stretch Mode support
  • SaveStates (currently 1 per rom)
  • Previews


Both sticks during game will pause the current rom and open up the In Game Options

  • Not Implemented (Yet)
  • Input Button Mapping
  • Favorites support
  • Pixel Shaders to replace Software filters (speed)
  • Cheat support
  • IPS support
  • Multiple ROM Folders
  • Other misc stuff


This is still an early beta. It may crash in some spots. Most roms run at 60fps. Some slowdown occurs - this will be resolved in future builds as more PPC code optimizations are implemented.