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Feel free to contribute the sources of your XBox360 homebrew applications, functions (such as unencrypted network, opening xbla packages, etc.), application suggestions. No binaries files. They are not legal in microsoft country! :) I really like the idea of sharing knowledge for homebrew. Since it can be pretty hard to get into developing for the XBox360. So this page should be the first place where homebrewers go if they look for information about making their on software. This includes snippets, functions and so on. Tutorials would be great aswell. The ultimate goal is that there'll be something like "A Homebrewer's Guide: Coding for XBox360" :) Also, this wiki is intented to be a place for users who want to set their XBox360 free again. Tutorials, lists of homebrew applications (dashboards, emulators, media players, etc.) are very welcome! :)

Getting started[]


~360 -LV2-Kernel Keys~= Kernel Keys for a retail xbox 360 unit are currently unobtainable .but by true accordance kernel keys are in respective size by 48 bytes.



This is just an excerpt of the programming guide. Visit it for more coding fun.

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